Smart Card Technologies

Taglio LLC is the leading independent provider of Smart Card Technologies. Taglio provides a complete solution, including a full smart card stack, hardware, software and services.


Taglio PIV Card

Fully Compliant Smart Card implementing NIST SP 800-73 for US government, Federal Contractors and Enterprise. 
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Certificate Based PKI Smart Cards and Tokens compatible with the PIV standard. Can be managed using Windows.
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Physical Access

Solutions for Physical access including PK-PACS, PKOC and Hybrid Card solutions supporting LF and HF technologies.
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About Taglio LLC

Taglio LLC was founded in Austin Texas in 2011 by a team with unrivaled experience in smart cards, cryptography and security software. Taglio provides Smart Card products and Services to OEMs and Partners worldwide. Taglio’s customers are found in Oil and Gas, Banking, Telecommunications, Law enforcement and Defense, as well as Government.