Physical Access Solutions

Public Key Security at the door with PK-PACS and PKOC solutions. Logical Access solutions with support for legacy LF and HF credentials.


Open Specification for the use of
Digital Certificates in Physical Access 

The PK-PACS Specification defines how to store legacy identifiers (such as the facility and card number used by Proximity cards) into a digital certificate on a smart card. A PK-PACS compatible door reader can authenticate the card and verify the certificate with Public Key cryptography. No changes are needed to the legacy PACS system.


Open specification for the use of Public Key cryptography at the door developed by the PSIA

Proximity Cards

Multi technology cards that support Logical Access and Low Frequency access technologies compatible with existing door readers.

High Frequency

Multi Technology cards with support for  MIFARE® DESFire®

Taglio PIV C2192-PK-TST

Taglio PIV C2192

Taglio PIV Card with support for PKOC and PK-PACS physical access.


Taglio PKOC P1190

Standard ISO Size Smart Card with support for PKOC and MIFARE® DESFire®


Taglio PK-PACS Card

Standard ISO Size Smart Card with support for PK-PACS.

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