Smart Card Software

Taglio provides a complete software stack to support certificate based PKI smart cards. 

Taglio PIV SDK

The Taglio PIV SDK makes it easy to integrate PIV/CAC compatible cards into your own applications. The PIV SDK handles the cryptographic calls to the card, provides certificate management functions, and ensures that the integration of the card with your application will be secure, efficient and compliant. Available for Microsoft Windows, Linux, Android, and for Samsung KNOX enabled mobile devices. The SDK supports standard contact readers as well as NFC readers on desktop and mobile devices.

Java Card Applets

Taglio LLC licenses Smart Card applets for the Java Card OS to System Integrators, OEMs and hardware manufacturers. Taglio’s applets support the Oracle (Sun) Java Card standard, and have been tested with a wide variety of cards, including java cards from Giesecke & deVrient, Thales® (Gemalto), Idemia® (Oberthur), NXP® (JCOP), Infineon® (SLE78), Feitian, and many other. Taglio applets support PIV, Microsoft Minidriver , FIDO2, PKI, digital certificates and secure data storage operations.

Taglio Card Issuance System

Taglio provides a comprehensive card issuance and management system that is designed for large scale card projects with complex workflows. With support for a variety of certificate authorities and card production systems.

Taglio Mobile SDK

Taglio Mobile SDK enables Android developers to integrate support for PIV/CAC cards into their Mobile Apps.   Taglio Mobile SDK supports CCID Card readers and the NFC (ISO 14443) readers built into high end smart phones. 

Taglio PIV Tool

Windows Tool for managing PIV devices, loading PIV objects, keys and certificates, and generating certificate requests. Taglio PIV tool can be used to manage PIV cards for testing and small scale card projects.

PIVKey Admin KIT

Minidriver and software utilities to manage issue PIVKey Cards and USB Tokens on Microsoft Windows. Includes a Windows Minidriver library and the PIVKey Utility. Available from the web site.

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